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The “ROLL OR DIE” idea is formed in 2006, and now it is brought to action by three of the most seasoned roller-bladers in the SG skating scene.

“ROLL OR DIE” is also a part of “L.C.R.” – (Lion City Rollers), a collective of extreme sports athletes who had represented Singapore in any extreme sports competition or events before. “ROLL OR DIE” is brought to you by the elites in Singapore’s skating history.

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Anticipate street minded, extreme sports influenced, mind blasting designs from these guys. Clothing made for the people who have love for extreme sports, the skate culture and whoever has the passion for the streets. The “ROLL OR DIE” tees are made BY the streets, made FOR the streets. Custom made for those who have ever rolled or skate on the streets, who have bailed, who had scars for their love, who had chased by the cops and whoever who had been doubted for placing extreme sports as their first love, before their spouses…

So, a word of advice, roll with them… or get the f*@k out!!

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