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Start Time:Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 9:00pm
End Time:Friday, September 25, 2009 at 3:00am
Location:O BAR
Street:Robertson Walk, Unity Street

16 Bars is a monthly emcee’s platform showcasing local emcees performances, freestyling drops, and a typical backdrop cipher session amongst emcees and poets alike.

This Month’s performers..

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Young embarked on a Musical expedition with hiphop/electronica trio, Psykes. He soon set out onto a journey on his own letting his LOVE, SOUL and DESIRE be the driving force and these 3 elements are what that kept him moving. Hailing from sunny Singapore, many have said that Music isn’t really a wise option for a career. However, Young believes that Music or Hiphop is not a popularity contest and making it big is not a priority but instead being heard and sharing beautiful music with the masses.

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X’Sylum is made up of Irfan Ilohshix (aka The Alien Tongue) and Elfie Prima Putra (aka Sick Boy) who are up and coming solo emcees in their own right within the SGHipHop scene.

Irfan Ilohshix is The.XS Collective’s youngest talent who has developed a refined story telling rap ability filled with descriptive mental imageries.Elfie Prima Putra is an underated emcee who is able to adapt to any kind of music with a rhyme style that’s hard to define.

X’Sylum represents an ill-minded combination of “str8 jacket” rhyming lunacy through a raw mixture of “shaolin-styled” horrorcore battle hymms and narratives intertwined with psychedelic eccentricity. The asylumic style of X’Sylum is also vividly apparent in their production style preference which ranges from backdrops of grimey-samplesque beats to trippy electronica sounds.

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