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Left 4 Dead 2 is an upcoming first person shoot em all zombies game ready to rock your pcs and XBOX 360s come November 09!! This game is a sequeal to the award winning game Left 4 Dead by game developer Valve Corporation. The first edition had already taken the zombie world by storm with its unique four person co-operation gameplay and versus modes.

Come November 17th 09, get ready to be rocked by the game that you love, with lots more weaponn of choice(melee weapons such as chainsaws and katana blades), your ol favourite special infected zombies, Hunter, Boomer, Witch, Smoker and the infamous Tank plus few more special infecteds like The Charger(the one with the bigger arm!), The Spitter and The Jockey…

We personally like the new option of melee weapons unlike the buttstrokes in its predecessor. So when you run out of bullets, (chainsaw rings!!!!)

Official launch on 17/11/09!!!
(not available in our store though, peace!!)

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