Kevin Lester, "LETS TALK ABOUT KEVIN LESTER" is finally out!!!

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Support your local artiste people. These dude’s debut album is straight up dopeness. He’s one of the rare few who is keeping Singapore’s Hip Hop scene alive. We here at Da’Cave support Kevin Lester 101%

The debut album, “LETS TALK ABOUT KEVIN LESTER” is finally out!!! This highly-anticipated release features 8 original tracks, with features by P.Cess of Thaitanium, SonaOne from Kartel Records, Vanessa Fernandez, Syaheed of Bedsty and a few fellow band members of SIXX. The album has been very well received, even getting a RETWEET by Busta Rhymes!

It’s been made FREE to download at his website At the site, click “Buy Now”, and fans will need to type in “0” USD to download the song or album for free. It will prompt the fan for his email address, and the free download link will be sent to his/her email.

For fans who would like to contribute to the artist, they may do so by naming their price for the song or album downloads. “

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