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Brixton Fedora / Straw hats in Singapore

dacave fedoras singapore

The Fedora! They are both functional and stylish. They can cover a bad hair day, cover a receding hairline, and shade your eyes from the sun. A cool Fedora can quickly become your signature piece and give you extra swagger. Some days when you just don’t feel like wearing your Snapback and Baseball cap, but […]

COCONUT Straw Stingy Fedora Hat

Is the Singapore heat getting to you? Its already August and its still hot as hell here. Keep yourself cool and looking “cool” with this Straw Fedora hat from New York hat company. Well made Fedora hats are hard to find in Singapore. We stock a range of Fedora hats from short brim to wide […]

New York Hat Co. Fedoras and Ivy caps

    New York Hat Co. Fedoras and Ivy caps in store tomorrow. New York Hat company have been making hats for more then 30yrs. Their classic fedoras and caps are all hand made in America. One of the few companies who have not shifted their production overseas. Hats come in all sizes from Small […]


We’re open for business with a fresh new look, fresh new designs, fresh new space.. Drop by and check us out at 1 QUEENSWAY SHOPPING CENTRE, 02-37L(near tattoo shop) The next few posts will showcase the new stuff that we have brought in/ bringing in.. So, keep your eyes glued to this blog… Peace!!!