9FORTY VS 9TWENTY New Era Caps / What’s The Difference?


Whats the difference between New Era’s 9forty and 9twenty caps you ask? You’ve come to the right place. DaCave store has been an authorised New Era retailer since 2005 in Singapore. So we know a thing or 2 about these caps.

1st a little history lesson.

New Era Cap Company is to hats like what Adidas is to sneakers. New Era is one of the most popular hat brands in the world now. Even if you don’t know New Era by name, you have most likely have seen their hats. You probably even own one.

Established in 1920, New Era first stepped onto the scene by becoming the official on-field headwear worn by all Major League Baseball players. Since then, they have become the official headwear for almost every major sports league including the National Football League, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association, Minor League Baseball, Manchester United, Liga MX and many other professional sports leagues around the world.

While best known for their 59FIFTY fitted caps, made popular by Hip-hop artists in the early 2000’s. New Era continues to be one of the best for almost all types of headwear by being an innovator in design and style.

We are going to check out the differences between these 2 models today. The 9forty and 9twenty silhouette styles.  Let’s start with New Era’s 9forty cap style.

9tforty newera cap difference

The New Era 9FORTY adjustable hat is a nice mixture of the 39THIRTY and the 9FIFTY styles. This hat is similar in fit to the 39THIRTY stretchy hat with its low profile structured crown and pre-curved visor. But instead of a closed back and a stretch-fit band, this hat has an open adjustable back with a variety of closure types (snapback, strap back, velcro back). This cap comes only in one size. Most of the classic team hats come with velcro backs. The 9forty should fit most head sizes if you have a really small head size of 7 and below or a head size bigger then 73/4 this may not be the best fit. All other sizes should fit well on the 9forty cap.

The New Era 9TWENTY is a relaxed fit adjustable hat style. This is an unstructured, low profile adjustable hat. Yes, that just means the hat is soft and is not firm like the 9forty caps. As its an unstructured hat the top part of the hat will be lower and contours your head shape when wearing. This hat comes only in one size, One Size Fits Most and can have a variety of different closure types (snapback, strap back, velcro back). Sometimes called the “dad hat”, the styling of the 9TWENTY is a bit of a homage to old baseball cap styles worn in the early and mid 20th century and is often used for throwback designs for a vintage looking style.

9twenty newera cap dacave

The 9twenty should fit most head sizes if you have a really small head size of 7 and below or a head size bigger then 73/4 this may not be the best fit. All other sizes should fit well on the 9twenty cap.

A cool thing about the 9twenty style is you can roll this cap up and fit it in your pocket, or easily pack it in a suitcase without concern that it will lose its shape. Usually (but not always) this cap is made with a washed cotton. So if you want a worn-in looking cap with a soft, comfortable feel that you can take everywhere, this one is perfect for you.

If you ask us which has a better fit, it basically boils down to personal preference. The 9forty gives a little height to the shape of the cap if that’s what you’re looking for. The 9twenty has a more relaxed fit with an older style baseball cap feel. Best is to head down to our store to try them on for yourself and see which fits the best.


Have you noticed the difference coloured sticker New Era is now using on the adjustable caps? They have started to use a one color silver Chrome sticker for most adjustable caps. So you might get a coloured or silver sticker when you buy from Dacave store. The fitted 59fifty caps still have the gold stickers.

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